Our world is experiencing technological, educational, and social advances at a rapid rate. While these changes are promoting growth in some areas, they are also creating communication barriers in others. There are some in the Builders, Baby Boomers, and Generation X who are interested in understanding and listening to Millennials. There are other Millennials that want to hear the voice of their fellow Millennials. This survey is specifically designed for, by, and with Millennials of color in the Houston metropolitan area. This survey is the first in a series of surveys. The goal of this survey is to accomplish three objectives.

  1. Give Voice to Millennials of Color in the areas of (social, mental, physical, political, relational, and spiritual issues). You have a voice!
  2. Gain insight about Millennials of color in the Houston-metropolitan area. Your opinion on what’s going on is needed for change!
  3. To build bridges and not walls. This survey will attempt to explain to the thoughts, practices, and processes of millennials of color in the urban communities of Houston. We want to improve generational, gender, racial, and social communication with others, so that we can work toward changing our world for the better!

At the end of the survey there are some questions about the survey please give us your feedback so we can continually make improvements! Again we thank you for taking time out of your day to take our survey.